Refugee Resettlement Relief - Understanding the Consequences in Georgia
Georgia is Bleeding. Your influence counts, use it to halt the Refugee Crisis!
This site will inform you of the unintended consequences of bypassing the normal immigration process with the false representation that we are bringing in refugees who have supposedly suffered religious, social, political persecution and even physical harm. The truth is that the Federal government is flooding our state with low skilled, uneducated, permanent welfare recipients with little or no evidence that they are legitimate refugees.

These people have been told by our State Department that the streets are paved with gold in America and that our government will provide for them. When they arrive they quickly find that they have been lied to by the government (does that sound familiar) and become angry and often dangerous. Some even come with a criminal and or terrorist agenda. People need to know the truth about this program and we intend to provide the information necessary for you to see this program for what it really is.

Here is the welfare cost of refugee resettlement:

This is how your Georgia General Assembly is spending your money. The State of Georgia takes this straight out of your paycheck.  Call and urge your state legislator to stop spending your money on welfare for refugees!

Contact your state legislator today!!
Don't we have enough people in Georgia that need help!  YOU can do something to help.
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