Refugee Resettlement Relief - Understand the Refugee Crisis in Georgia
Do you really KNOW GA Senator Fran Millar??

For 16 years Fran Millar (R) Dunwoody has voted for refugee resettlement (RR). During that time his county (Dekalb) has received over 1/2 of the refugees brought into Georgia. Senator Millar is secretary of the Senate [Appropriations] Committee on Health and Human Services and as such is responsible for the recordation of all proceedings of that committee, which makes him thoroughly familiar with the inner workings of the RR program and its financing. Millar has sought and received Target Assistance Grants which require the refugee to live in Dekalb for at least one year. Then they move to other counties. Senator Millar's district is dominated by at least 3 Catholic Churches and 1 or more Lutheran Churches. Catholic Charities is the largest RR contractor in the entire country bringing in over $98 million/yr in income. Lutheran Charities is right behind them. RR contractors are paid with federal funds which are inserted into the Georgia General Assembly annual budget. We don’t have to take the money.

Millar served in the state house from 1998 until 2010. He was elected to the senate in 2010 and is seeking his third term as a senator which now puts him in line to finance this program for another 2 year term.

So ask yourself,

"Why is Fran Millar intent on being a Refugee Resettlement RING LEADER?!" 

"Why is Fran Millar intent on wrecking Dekalb County, wrecking our schools, diluting our population, and weakening our communities?"

In the 16 years of his service Senator Millar has voted and financed the migration of approximately 24,000 refugees directly to Dekalb County and 48,000 state-wide. The majority of these people came from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Chechnya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Niger, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, Butan and other countries. These refugees are predominately Muslim.

President Jimmy Carter signed the refugee resettlement act in 1980. We are working on the 4th generation of refugees in Georgia. This record makes us the 6th largest RR state in the entire country even though we are 8th in total population. The cost of immigration to the 5 largest metro school districts (Dekalb, Gwinnett, Fulton, Atlanta, and Cobb) is in excess of $1 billion/yr just for ESL classes. This total does not count the cost after these non-English speakers enter the general school population. Dekalb officials openly state that the minimum amount of time students spend in ESL classes is 3-5 years and some 5-7 years and even 10 years in some cases and they get no Federal money to offset the cost of educating refugee children. 

Talk to Fran Millar! Tell him to take a vested interest in our communities in Dekalb and across the state.

Give Georgia some
Refugee Resettlement RELIEF Fran!