Refugee Resettlement Relief - Understand the Refugee Crisis in Georgia

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The creators of WRAPS, a collaborative computer system built to assist in the processing of refugees to the United States.  (Worldwide Refugee Admissions Processing System)

Refugee Resettlement website 

Refugee Resettlement chart by state and by country:

The argument is about fairness. Georgia resettles more than their share.
List of states and their citizen/refugee ratios:

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Some primary members of the General Assembly who are perpetuating this problem through financing Refugee Resettlement (RR):

Senator Fran Millar (R) Dunwoody- RR ring leader, his county applies for Target Assistant Grants which require ½ of the incoming refugees to live in DeKalb County for 1 year.

Representative Tom Taylor (R) Dunwoody - Sen. Millar's right hand man on RR.  
Senator Renee Unterman (R) Gwinnett - Chairwoman, Senate Health and Human Services Committee.  She is paid over $250,000/yr by her employer, Amerigroup Insurance (Peachcare welfare contractor) to bring refugees into Georgia.

Katie Dempsey (R) Floyd - Chairwoman House Human Services Committee Appropriations Sub-committee. Rep. Dempsey is is Senator Unterman’s RR leader in the House
Immigrant Chain Migration
(Refugee Resettlement Act)
Somali Immigrant Chain Migration(Refugee Resettlement Act)
Georgia Department of Health
Map of Refugees by Counties:
Map of Refugees by Country of Origin: