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Refugee Resettlement Relief

Georgia is Bleeding. Refugee Resettlement has created an overwhelming burden!

In addition to huge taxpayer expenses pertaining to refugees in Georgia, currently DeKalb County schools and government agencies must communicate in more than 140 languages and Gwinnett must do the same in over 30 languages. Other counties are quickly beginning to bear the same burden. 
Did you know that the Refugee Resettlement Act both authorizes and REQUIRES the Federal Refugee Resettlement Director to administer this program in a manner which does not burden state and local government services such as these?

It is mandatory that the federal director meet quarterly with local and state government agencies to determine and insure that the local government agencies are not inundated by refugees. 

It is clear that both the federal Director and our state director (Michael Singleton) have failed to communicate with county government, school officials, and other local governments (Clarkston, GA in particular.)
It is imperative that we start leading Georgia's schools, health, and various other county, city and state agencies in the right direction. The problem is correctable but it will take a coordinated effort at the local level. The county must take the lead in this effort.
  1. Local and county governments and school officials must request that the meeting be held by the Feds as required by law. Public officials must supply appropriate data showing the crushing financial burden and disruption of services resulting from this poorly managed program, but first the data should be collected and compiled by the lead governmental agency.
  2. DeKalb must terminate all further requests for federal Targeted Assistance Grants. These grants require refugees supported by the grant to live in DeKalb County. The grants are procured by the Georgia Office of Refugee Resettlement from the federal Refugee Resettlement office.
  3. The DeKalb legislative delegation must lobby the Governor to delete refugee resettlement funds from the state budget. Without the Federal funding passing through the state budget the program will shut down in DeKalb and new refugees will be located in other communities throughout the country where they can receive the support they deserve. This will relieve the pressure on your county social services, public health, and school expenses as well as other county funded services.

This is not an initiative to punish or mistreat anyone----especially the refugees. This simple 3 step plan can be executed in a kind and gentle way. Please let us know if you will help. Pass this information along to your local and state officials.  
Executive Director of Refugee Resettlement Relief

Georgia is Bleeding. Your influence counts, use it to halt the Refugee Crisis!
Let us know if you will help!!
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8 U.S. Code § 1522 - Authorization for programs for domestic resettlement of and assistance to refugees
(a) Conditions and considerations
(C) Such policies and strategies, to the extent practicable and except under such unusual circumstances as the Director may recognize, shall-
(i) insure that a refugee is not initially placed or resettled in an area highly impacted (as determined under regulations prescribed by the Director after consultation with such agencies and governments) by the presence of refugees or comparable populations unless the refugee has a spouse, parent, sibling, son, or daughter residing in that area,
(ii) provide for a mechanism whereby representatives of local affiliates of voluntary agencies regularly (not less often than quarterly) meet with representatives of State and local governments to plan and coordinate in advance of their arrival, the appropriate placement of refugees among the various States and localities, and
(iii) take into account-
(I) the proportion of refugees and comparable entrants in the population in the area,
(II) the availability of employment opportunities, affordable housing, and public and private resources (including educational, health care, and mental health services) for refugees in the area,
(A) The Director is authorized to make grants to States for assistance to counties and similar areas in the States where, because of factors such as unusually large refugee populations (including secondary migration), high refugee concentrations, and high use of public assistance by refugees, there exists and can be demonstrated a specific need for supplementation of available resources for services to refugees.

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Refugee Resettlement has created an overwhelming burden!
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