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Organized by Peach Pundit editor Charlie Harper, a "forum" was held this Wednesday under the pretense of discussing the pro and con arguments about immigration. However this forum turned out to be an amusing little, tightly scripted ruse.

The first speaker was  Jorge Fernandez, VP Global Commerce, Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce (an open borders advocate masquerading as a businessman) He complained about not getting H-1 Visas, a temporary worker program used by staffing companies that import cheaper, lower-educated workers to replace more expensive, educated U.S. employees. He didn't want to talk about why these visas were limited because the higher education lobby opposes expanding the program. Many college curricula would collapse if the visas were granted. We should consider the parents who have paid for these educations. Corporations have created the problem with their grants and charitable gifts. They have no one to blame but themselves. The higher education lobby in Washington is out of control and the Chamber of Commerce created this mess.

Second came Maria Cortes, Certified Court Interpreter for the Doraville Municipal Court complaining about farmers not getting visas for farm workers. She delivered the usual "crops rotting in the fields" sob story. Truth is the farmers have far more visas than they can use. Farmers prefer illegal immigrants without visas because they can pay them less and house them in slummy conditions during the harvest season. They also don't want to fool with the paper work.

She also complained of illegal immigrants not having Georgia driver's licenses. About 5 years ago the Gwinnett General Assembly Delegation convinced the governor to move the State Highway Patrol hut to Gwinnett County. Now highway patrol in Gwinnett regularly enforces license laws using license plate readers (LPRs) on their cars. This is how Gwinnett keeps illegals and thugs pushed back down into DeKalb County where they feel welcome. (With an overwhelming population of illegal immigrants, DeKalb is a sanctuary county for them.) Driver's licenses, current car tags, and insurance are required in Gwinnett County. This is one of the very few ways to control the consequences of illegal immigration.

Up next, Elaine Boyer, DeKalb County Commissioner currently under investigation by the DeKalb D.A., F.B.I., DeKalb Ethics Board, and had her records subpoenaed by the U.S. Attorney. Boyer complained that DeKalb county government has been overburden with the impact of immigration. Truth is that Boyer has supported the Refugee Resettlement program by helping DeKalb seek and receive Target Assistance Grants from the State and U.S. Refugee Resettlement Office(s) the entire time she has been in office. The grants require that refugees live in DeKalb County. Upon arrival some of the refugees initially locate in DeKalb and quickly move to Gwinnett or some other county as soon as possible. To help build the refugee population in DeKalb Boyer has sent her "chief of staff" Bob Lundsten (who is also under investigation for P-Card abuse) down to Clarkston to assist the resettlement program. Lundsten has been a vigorous advocate for refugees, the Fugees refugee school and the Fugee food truck.

This welcoming attitude by Boyer and Lundsten has done wonderful things for police employees in Dunwoody by increasing the crime rate so more cops have jobs. Dunwoody includes the immigrant sanctuary of Doraville on the southeast side, slum apartments on the northeast (which Lundsten is desperately trying to keep Doraville from tearing down by provoking a lawsuit in Federal Court) and Marta on the west side. Dunwoody will soon deteriorate into the same condition as the rest of the county. Meanwhile the Dunwoody Police Department is taking more applications. Let's hear it for "job creation" Boyer!

The final panelist was Will Kremer, Chairman, Georgia Association of College Republicans (now a graduate with a degree in political science) who said that college kids look upon immigrants as their friends. This is the normal reaction toward one's classmates. You can't blame Kremer for human kindness, however he and most of his fellow graduates do not have a job and there is none in sight for them. Kremer does not understand that the influx of illegal immigrants was created by former Federal Reserve Chairman  Alan Greenspan and his corporate friends almost 20 years ago. Greenspan was concerned about the "hole" in our population created by men killed in the Vietnam war and women choosing to have fewer children would shrink the American economy when it came time for the next generation after the "baby boomers" to enter the job market. At the time, this demographic trend pointed to reduced U.S. markets and a reduction in the Gross Domestic Product. Greenspan reasoned that the only way to close the population "hole" was to open borders.

Kremer said using abusive words like "invaders" and similar terminology when discussing immigration "turns off his age group". I agree we need to use softer language with these kids, but we also need to remind them that the collapse of the job market in the last 6 years is, to a large extent, the result of illegal immigrants coming into our country. They pull down the wage rate, drive up the unemployment rate and entitlement burden, and ruin our secondary schools with an enormous financial burden (over $1 billion in the Metro Atlanta Area for education). Maybe after young Mr. Kremer is under employed/unemployed for a few years he will catch on.  

Finally we come to the moderator, Charlie Harper, Peach Pundit Editor who doesn't think we can deport or control the 10-12 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. He thinks that we should rename amnesty and call it "probation". He pushes the fuzzy, consensus building, pro-open borders nonsense. Harper is paid by his employer to push this new "probation" term off on the public. Harper's opening and closing statements were taken verbatim off the PolicyBest website, which says, "We eschew sound bites for sound policy. We are consensus builders that will form coalitions to identify practical and implementable measures to promote Business & Economic development, Education reform, Science Technology & Medicine, and Transportation initiatives. We will start by working with diverse groups where we can find common ground. " Harper wants to do this through OPEN BORDERS. Sorry Charlie!
JOE NEWTON Ex. Dir. of Citizens for

Georgia is Bleeding. Your influence counts,use it to halt the Refugee Crisis!

News and info on refugee resettlement in Georgia:  FOX 5 WAGA Video

Dick Williams, Phil Kent, Jeff Dickerson, Alexis Scott
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