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Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate Jason Carter: A proponent of Refugee Resettlement… but why?

Thirty-three years ago President Jimmy Carter--Jason’s Grandfather—signed into law the Refugee Resettlement Act.  The act provided for 70,000 legal refugees per year to be brought into the U.S. with a fast pace path toward citizenship.
One can learn a great deal about this and Jason and his family from his book “Power Lines”.  In the book he tells about how as a young man he visited several African countries.  He points to his similarities with his mother, Miss Lillian who joined the Peace Corps late in her life and she shared with Jason the “struggle against excessive emotional attachments to suffering people, while acknowledging the impossibility of changing the basic circumstances of their lives.”  They never considered what they could do to improve the economic prosperity of the people they purported to help. 
In the Peace Corp Jason’s missions were based on empathy for the inequality between people of color and the hated white man. He was in South Africa during the time when South Africa was moving from an Apartheid system of government to a limited constitutional system.  He tells in his book about how he was only 9 miles from movies, restaurants, fine hotels, and bars. He served as an educational bureaucrat who prepared lesson plans for local teachers who were transitioning from the Apartheid cultural system to a more westernized culture. He partied on the weekend and his credit card enabled him to eat, drink, and play all over the country. 
The book tells of his family’s efforts while in Africa representing the Carter Center. He and his family traveled continuously in the Third World to promote the center’s efforts in agriculture, disease prevention, democratization, and conflict resolution. Jason’s efforts here were nothing more than doing some simple lesson plans for teachers, implementing some positive changes in the small local school system, simple displays of communion and tutoring some of the locals in English.  
He tells that his “last task before the school term ended was to organize the AIDS-education workshops.”  After staying in Africa for two years he waits until the last week of his term and then he “was so busy saying good-bye and preparing to leave that . . . [he] failed to organize the key workshops.”  South Africa has the highest HIV/AIDS population in the world and he forgot to set up the workshop, which is one of the reasons he was sent there in the first place.  
Jason Carter’s book is a great resource. It tells the reader about Jason’s organizational skills, his discipline, and most certainly his priorities.  Jason Carter does not show the ability to lead anything, especially not a state government. Not only does he not display an example of how to improve the local condition of the people he and his family have spent decades claiming to “help”, Jason Carter wants to bring their problems to the U.S. It’s easier to just bring more people here to the “land of opportunity.” He has never made any attempt to reduce or eliminate his grandfather’s out of control refugee resettlement program, a program costing our state almost $40 million annually and rising exponentially. He has supported resettlement as part of Jimmy Carter’s legacy and is proud of what “Jimmy” has done for Georgia.  You can expect more of this and similar programs if Jason is elected. 

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