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Ebola Viruses (All of Them), Refugees and DeKalb County "Leadership"

Let's continue the discussion of Ebola in relation to the Georgia county most highly populated by refugees and a couple of the county's supposed "leaders". (Read our previous Ebola update here)  

Speak to DeKalb's Senator Fran Millar and career political candidate Nancy Jester and tell them to stop encouraging and bringing in more refugees. Why? Because DeKalb County has continually asked for and received additional money (via Target Assistance Grants) to support Refugee Resettlement (RR)and as a result, the county is now disproportionately populated with an economic, educational, health and cultural burden of refugees.

In case you don't know, both Nancy Jester (in her work as booted DeKalb Co. School Board member) and Senator Millar have supported the RR program in the state for years. Nancy, while running unsuccessfully for State School Superintendent this year actually said that RR was "someone else's problem." She would be all-in for accepting refugees into our schools from anywhere, with only a mere thermometer test. Target Assistance Grants, which are secured through the General Assembly by Senator Fran Millar require refugees to live in the county that applied for it for at least one year. After a year, when we've attempted to follow up and monitor the location of these refugees, the resettlement contractors had virtually no records on their locations. This failure of tracking (as required by the 5 U.S.C. 1505) allows many refugees to migrate to surrounding counties like Gwinnett, Rockdale, Fulton, Cobb and other more desirable places.

This migration pattern and loose compliance is perfectly OK with Jester and Millar because their only interest is to pacify the huge left wing voting constituency in Dunwoody. Their egotistical goal is to get elected anyway they can, and the public be damned. Meanwhile, the rest of you pay the huge cost of this mammoth social program

Ebola and DeKalb County
Emory Hospital treated the first known Ebola patient in this country because of its close connection to the CDC and other patients continue to arrive. However, little is known at this time about the vulnerability of DeKalb's refugee population. Is Ebola going to be a problem in DeKalb? Only time will tell. (remember, the first Ebola victim was residing in a densely populated refugee community) Meanwhile, the DeKalb Health Department is saddled with numerous other diseases brought to us via the RR program. Keep in mind that the first line of defense against these international infectious diseases is the DeKalb Health Department, which receives NO FUNDING from the Federal Government and only partial funding from the State of Georgia. Fran Millar and Nancy Jester don't want you to know that you are paying to treat all of these sick people

No doubt you are aware that Ebola, the "virus of the day" comes from three West African countries (Sierra Leon, Guinea, and Liberia) all of which are large participates in the RR program. On the cusp of this upcoming election, Jester and Millar certainly don't want you to know that refugees are pouring into Georgia (FYI, Georgia is currently the 8 most populous Refugee Resettlement state.) from these Ebola stricken countries and they are required to live in DeKalb due to the requirements of the Target Assistance Grants.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) claim that the outbreak has been contained in West Africa. But common sense and statistics indicate otherwise. It is noteworthy to mention that Australia and a long list of other countries have closed their borders to all travelers from West Africa including humanitarian cases; that includes refugees! The WHO also said 15 other African states including Ivory Coast are at highest risk of the deadly virus being imported. It will continue to spread all over Africa and link-up with other varieties of Ebola.

By now you are very familiar with Ebola and its severe consequences however; you may not know that Ebola can be further divided into sub-types that are named for the location where they were first identified. Each virus has its own set of problems and there is no known cure for any of them.
Five Known Ebola Viruses:
  • Bundibugyo (DC Congo, SW Uganda, adjacent to DC Congo)
  • Reston (Virginia--animal born, not contagious to humans)
  • Taï Forest (located in Côte d'Ivoire, which borders Liberia)
  • Zaire (now the DR of Congo)
  • Sudan (Sudanendemic in Sudan and/or Uganda, has a genome with three gene overlaps, and it has a genomic sequence different from Ebola virus by ≥30% but different from that of Sudan virus by <30%)

Bundibugyo Strain of Ebola
Since an outbreak of Ebola hit the Democratic Republic of the Congo in July, the Obama administration has brought into the U.S. at least 1,900 refugees from this disease-stricken nation.

Now there are idiots out there that LOVE to claim that the Ebola is being highlighted by "alarmists." We are not being alarmists by simply wanting to maintain a safe atmosphere for ourselves, our families and our fellow citizens. This should be taken SERIOUSLY! Make no mistake, this disease is here and a further pandemic can work its way into America via our broken and ill-administered RR system, especially when the uninformed like Fran Millar and Nancy Jester continue to run and be elected to positions that perpetuate this problem in our towns.

Everyone should do their homework before going to the polls. Look at your ballot carefully on November 4. Know your candidates, make them accountable! 

______________________________________________________________________________ Georgia Georgia is Bleeding. Your influence counts, use it to halt the Refugee Crisis!
Let us know if you will help!

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Target Assistance Grants, which are secured through the General Assembly by Senator Fran Millar require refugees to live in the county that applied for it for at least one year.
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