Refugee Resettlement Relief - Understand the Refugee Crisis in Georgia
We must stop harboring terrorists. 

You need to know of the consequences of the Refugee Resettlement program and it's effects on Georgia. Refugees bypass the normal immigration process and the RR program makes the false claim that we are bringing in refugees who have suffered religious, social, political persecution and even physical harm. 

The truth is that the Federal government is flooding our state with un-vetted "refugees".
They are low skilled, uneducated, permanent welfare recipients. Some even come with criminal and/or terrorist agendas.

Islamic terrorists are coming via Refugee Resettlement and the Georgia General Assembly is paying for it. 

Take a moment to review this site and follow us on social media for ongoing updates. You need to know the truth about this program. WE DON'T HAVE TO TAKE THE MONEY!
We voluntarily participate in the Refugee Resettlement program. Tell your legislators to stop taking and spending the money.

Here is the Georgia welfare cost of refugee resettlement:

This is how your Georgia General Assembly is spending your money. The State of Georgia takes this straight out of your paycheck. Call and urge your state legislator to stop spending your money on welfare for refugees!

Your Influence Counts
Contact your member of these committees TODAY!
Tell them to stop funding this over burdened, fraudulent program.

Senate Health and Human Services Committee Members

Unterman, Renee S Chairman (Buford)
Hufstetler, Chuck Vice Chairman (Rome)
Millar, Fran Secretary (Dunwoody)  
Hill, Judson Member (Marietta)
Burke, Dean Member (Bainbridge)
Butler, Gloria S. Member (Stone Mountain)
Cowsert, Bill Member (Athens)
Henson, Steve Member (Tucker)
Kirk, Greg Member (Americus)
Jackson, Lester G. Member (Savannah)
Ligon, Jr., William T. Member (Brunswick)
Orrock, Nan Member (Atlanta)
Shafer, David Member (Duluth)
Watson, Ben Member  (Isle of Hope)

House Human Resources Appropriations Subcommittee

Dempsey, Katie Chairman of Subcommittee
Epps, Bubber Vice-Chairman of Subcommittee

Contact your state legislator today!!
Don't we have enough people in Georgia that need help!  YOU can do something to help.

We hope you will use this as a resource of
information to help educate and spread the word.